Once upon a time…

So every story has to start somewhere and this is where mine begins…

So I’ve decided to create a blog (finally!) It will be somewhere to record how much I accomplish off my list within the year, as well as other little things that I haven’t decided on yet.

In the past year I’ve lost over 3 stone and I know I still have progress to make but the decision to lose weight has impacted on other areas of my life including fitness and for the first time ever running a distance is something that I know I can do and want to do. This year, is about moving out of my comfort zone as much as possible and this list is a way of making sure that I do that. The 25 things that I put on the list are that I should be able to do within a year and things that I’ve always wanted to do but always had reasons not to do.

Without much further ado I present my 25 things I need to do before I turn 25:

  1. Run 5k race
  2. Run 10k
  3. Skydive
  4. Visit 5 new countries
  5. Stay up till sunrise
  6. Give blood
  7. Start a blog
  8.  Stand under a waterfall
  9.  Sleep under the stars
  10.  Spend a weekend away alone
  11.  Do a European Festival (something I need to buy tickets for eg. Oktoberfest/ music festival)
  12.  Start saving properly (have at least £3000 pounds at the end of the year)
  13.  Visit Euro Disney
  14.  Lose 2 more stone
  15.  Go hiking
  16.  Take a dance class
  17.  Make a new Friend
  18.  Take a cooking Class
  19.  Try kite surfing/ Paddle boarding
  20.  Get a tattoo
  21.  Buy an outfit without looking at the price
  22.  Go to a concert/ West end show
  23.  Attempt to see the Northern Lights
  24.  Take 6 photos of Ad and I (from this year) to turn into canvas
  25.  Go to a fancy afternoon tea

For every goal I complete, I’ll put £50 into my savings and at the end of the year I’ll put in £100 for every incomplete goal. This should help me complete number 12 (or at least make a start on it.)

Some will be completed within the next few months (run 5k) and some will probably take most of the year but I’m going to try them all. In fact; I’m already able to cross number 7 off (Woohoo, go me!!) And I will try and keep this blog up-to-date as much as possible.

I’m headed off to Gibraltar tomorrow, so the next post won’t be till next week and I’ll get to update you on my progress towards number 4: Visit 5 new countries.

Till then Ciao



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