A trip to The Rock or Gibraltar as you might say #25before25

Well, 1 new country so far, so I’m making PROGRESS

Last Thursday at the very early hours of the morning I set off for Birmingham airport to catch a plane. After dealing with long lines to get checked in (remind me never to fly with Monarch again) After having to rush through security, we finally made it on the plane… Only to have to put up with a screaming child in front of me and one kicking my seat behind.

2 and a half hours later, I finally land in Gibraltar, home of a giant rock and Monkeys. Also a random fact for you, it is the 2nd most dangerous airport in Europe and the 4th in the world.

The next four days were spent walking, climbing, getting lost and most importantly sitting by a pool in the sun drinking cocktails.

Gibraltar The Rock HOtel

My view of the pool

A monkey tried to get in the room!

A monkey tried to get in the room (excuse the terrible cellphone picture)


I saw dolphins!

View from the airport balcony

View from the airport balcony

It was so hard just selecting a few photos from the hundreds we took, but somehow I managed. I would love to go back to Gibraltar as well and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice chilled out holiday. We happened to be there as they celebrated becoming a member of UEFA, which turned into a huge street party.

The highlight of the trip was exploring the Rock itself. Monkeys roaming free, lying in the middle of the road and getting to explore the tunnels inside the cave  (really good if you like history.) The food (although bad for the diet) was delicious, baked Camembert , pizza, tapas, nachos. Very English takeaway inspired for the most part, but since I hadn’t had it in so long it was tasty.

We also managed a side trip (only a day) to southern Spain which I thought was beautiful. I’m definitely going to have to plan a proper trip there one day. Unfortunately since I’ve already been to Spain, it doesn’t count as a new country. I’ll save the pictures from there for another post.

Until next time



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