No one could say I haven’t tried

In the month since I have started this blog, I have tried to start working towards several things. It really doesn’t seem to be going my way.

On Wednesday night, I tried to donate blood. Me and the Boyfriend (who had been rather easily persuaded into joining me) turned up at the blood drive all ready to donate as much as they would take. I guess other people had the same idea, as we were turned away since they were to busy to take any more people. Remind me to book before the next one. Strike 1

Then this afternoon, after coming home from the gym, the Boyfriend helpfully asks if Gibraltar is actually a considered a real country. After consulting both Wikipedia and twitter (the 2 most useful sources of information) turns out it isn’t. Well there goes that one (unless of course someone wishes to inform me otherwise.) Strike 2

There is some good to come out of the second one. I think the Boyfriend feels guilty for imparting this fact AFTER we went on our trip, so was coming up with a list of countries we still had to visit. I feel a holiday coming up. Countries on the list include: Poland, Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic which means only one more to figure out. Let me know places you recommend.

I do realise that there are suppose to be 3 strikes, but I’m not ready to be out yet. I still have over 11 months to go and I will do this! Even if it does take longer then I thought in the beginning and next time I’ll do my research before I leave!



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