A WeightWatchers Victory

If this was my first week of weight watchers, I would be getting my first silver seven, instead I got this…


Yep, 50 lbs , well 54 pounds really since this week I lost 3 more pounds. I’m really glad since I had a really odd dream last night where I put on weight and everyone was really disappointed in me. That brings me to 8 pounds in just under a month. Pretty good I would say.

I am worried that I am going to grow complacent soon and lose motivation, but so far (apart from the odd day where I still question why I’m not eating a big piece of cake.)  My leader asked me today what is one thing that is keeping me motivated and on track to lose.     It was hard to pick just one really. I want to show people that I can do this, and I’m not always going to be the fat girl in the room. I want to be able to fit all those pretty dresses that I’ve seen in shops and not have to buy online to make sure I can get a big enough size. I want to know that I am healthy and that it isn’t a struggle for me to move because of how heavy I am.

The answer I did give was that I want to look back at photos of me on my travels and be proud of how I look. I was putting photos on Facebook last week, these photos started in January and went up till 3 weeks ago. I could see how much I had physically changed, and I couldn’t understand how I was happy looking like that. I know I probably wasn’t ecstatic  but I was okay with it at the time. I was almost embarrassed to put the photos up, but I did. I want to show how much I have changed and I want people to know that I am proud of what I am doing. I’ve gone from never wanting to talk about my weight to being able to confidently tell people how much I have lost.

I’m 1/4 way towards completing this goal, and so far the scales have been going the right way. We’ll just have to what next week brings.  Here’s to staying on plan and tracking it all in the upcoming week.


From this in February ...

From this in February …

...to this in May. Yes I still have a while to go and no I don't like normal photos

…to this in May.
Yes I still have a while to go and no I don’t like normal photos


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