Here’s to the music #25beforeIm25

Finally, after a month I can cross another one off the list. #22 Go to a concert/ West end show.

I opted for the concert and it wasn’t just any concert. It was Michael Buble.

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with him. For me it’s definitely love. One of my sisters actually got me onto his music and since I started listening, he has been at the top of my list to go and see live.

London is sold out and people are reselling the tickets for £200 each, so that wasn’t really an option, so imagine how happy I was when I read a tweet saying that there was going to be a rehearsal show in Sheffield before he headed to London. I put the Boyfriend in charge of buying tickets and he did well (considering they sold out within an hour.)

So on Friday, straight after work, we headed into the traffic and slowly (very slowly) made our way to Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. I bet it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that most of the people going were female, with a few boyfriends (much like mine) being dragged along.

I loved the show; he interacted with the audience, was very funny and played all his well-known songs. He even did a version of All you need is Love, that ended with red and white hearts raining down from the ceiling.


Before the show


Red and White hearts falling from the sky


Had to include a selfie of me and the Boyfriend

The  floor staff were very dedicated to making sure that there were no photos or filming happening, so unfortunately, any photos I did manage to take are either very blurry or very bright.

Given the chance I would love to go again so if anyone has a ticket they would be willing to sell, or an extra ticket and needs someone to go with, I’m in London a lot the next week (hint hint.)

I mean it when I say I am in London a lot this week. Headed in on Sunday night (after my 5km race!) I’m picking up my sister, brother and his girlfriend from the airport on Monday morning and then they are coming to stay with me for a few days. Also have a trial for a job on Monday so wish me luck. I’m headed down again on Wednesday and Thursday for some more Job trials, I’m really hoping one of them will work out. Also trying to fit in some flat viewings so it’s going to be very busy.



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