Run a 5km Race #25beforeIm25

Sunday morning. Race for life 5kms.

I went in with the aim just to complete it non stop running/ jogging, I really wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I honestly felt like giving up a lot.  Especially after the 2k and the 3k and I guess also the 4k mark. I know I told myself more then a few times “just walk the next 100 metres, no one would know.” But I would, wouldn’t I, and I wouldn’t feel it fair to cross it off the list if I didn’t jog/run it all.


The After photo

But I did it! After 29 minutes and a final sprint to the finish line (the two girls in front of me weren’t expecting that!) I did it. And I felt massively proud of myself. I set myself a goal and I completed it, despite my strong urge to quit. I must admit I was exhausted, but the pride I felt in myself was overwhelming! I’m looking oddly forward to the next one I have planned in 2 weeks.

In other news. This blog should have been posted yesterday, but after the race I headed down to London to meet a friend for tapas and drinks (pimms in the sun, could anything be better.) I stayed the night as this morning I went to pick up my sister, brother and his girlfriend!. They’re staying with me at moment, not to sure for how long, but I’ve already loved having my sister to go shopping with (even my brother helped me pick out the trainers I was going to buy next.)

Oh and before I forget, I got a job for next September!! After one job interview (I had another 4 planned) I was offered it. It will be a challenge for me and really test my own confidence in my ability but I want to do it. I feel I’ve relied on other people to much, and now I want to show off what I can do!

So this week has been off to a much better start then the last one. I’m not looking forward to    my next weigh-in (too much fried food last night) but apart from that it’s been good. I now just need to find a flat in SW London so if anyone knows someone looking that would be great!



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