#14 Lose 2 stone- 13lbs

Wednesday morning weigh in (I was in London in the evening.) Like always I expected to put on, so imagine my surprise when I lost 3.5lbs!!
I was delighted, especially after a dinner of fried cheese, potatoes and garlic bread a few nights before!

Reaching this goal also means reaching a couple of small goals:
The first was another silver 7; this takes my total loss to just over 4 stone (8 silver 7s in total)
The second was reaching my 30% target.

It also means that in just 7lbs I will no longer be overweight but healthy (only just but still)!!
Do I feel healthy? Well I know that I’m able to run short distances now with out feeling puffed with meters. I, mostly, make sensible food choices, and if I don’t balance it out with exercise and later food choices. So physically, the answer would be yes.

I’m not near goal yet and I believe there is still awhile till I decide I’m anywhere close. I think a lot has to do with the mental image I have of myself and I need to work on how I feel myself before this changes. I sometimes still look at myself and can’t see how I have changed physically at all. So mentally, probably not but that’s a whole other issue.

Anywho on that note I’m going to end and say until next time



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