#14 Lose 2 stone- 15 and a half lbs

And I’m over half way to crossing this one off now!!! And just over a month into starting my list.


Went to another early morning weigh-in (didn’t have to start work till 12). I went in, like always, thinking that after a 4 course medieval banquet on Friday night (I really only had 3 since I left pudding, How saint like of me :P) with alcohol, followed by a day at the beach on Saturday and a BBQ on Sunday I would have put on but nope, I lost 2 and a half pounds! Not quite as good as last week but I’ll definitely take it. 


What I’m putting a lot of it down to is the amount of exercise I’ve been doing. I only did 4 days last week (Monday and Tuesday were spent catching up with family that arrived and Friday I had my Banquet) But what I did manage I was happy with. Out of the 4 days, 2 of them were 5k runs (both under 30mins, go me!) One was a 6k run in 35 mins and the other was a half hour swim. I never thought I would manage running for that distance or speed and now I’ve almost run one every other day this week. I think it’s helped having my brothers’ girlfriend to run with. We definitely spur each other to go faster.

I will admit that at the moment, I am feeling rather unmotivated to do much fitness wise. I really need to get on to it and book a PT session. Even a bootcamp in the park would do at the moment. The other thing I have to sign up for is another race; I just need something to work towards. So if anyone knows of a good race (5K preferably) let me know, doesn’t matter to much location I just need something!



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