July Mini Goals Update 1

 Update time:

  1. 6k run: Well I could say yes since RunKeeper has said so… But I’m going to keep trying, 3times and I can cross it off
  2. Sign up for another race: Anyone know of a good one? I want to do the Spartan Sprint but it’s so expensive
  3. Sort Flat: In progress. It’s hard getting down to London for viewings.
  4. Box for Home: Might not be needed now since I’m not moving into a giant flat with other people
  5. Money for summer: Ummm… I do need new clothes that fit right?
  6. Book a flight: As soon as I know when I’m moving, A flight will be booked to either Poland or Prague
  7. Lose 7 pounds: 1lb away!!
  8. Read 4 books: The Saturday Supper Club, Twitter Diaries And Dear John. Onto my fourth one now.
  9. Get a PT session: I keep putting it off. I need to do it !

I also added an extra one after I made the first list so introducing number 10

      10. Run 40k in total: 21km done already!

So I’ve made a start with a lot of them. Others not so much, but I am going to keep trying and by the next time will have at least one crossed off!


Ps. Does anyone use RunKeeper? I really need friends on there.


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