Run a 5km race #ColourRun

There are two races I’ve always wanted to do.

One is a Disney Half (I’ll save that to do a few years.)The other was a Colour Run. A 5km race where you get powered paint thrown at you at different points, ending the race a colourful mess!

Then someone posted on twitter that they were planning to do one in London. I had to do it! As soon as registration opened, I signed up. And after trying to convince anyone I possibly could, finally, I got my brother and his girlfriend to agree to do it with me. I think both had a sense of doubt that it wouldn’t be as good as I had made it out to be (and at the end they agreed I was right.)

Fast forward to this afternoon, 31 degree heat, blazing sun, very little shade and standing in front of Wembley Stadium with thousands of others all dressed in  matching white shirts.

It took awhile for the race to start, we didn’t start moving for a half hour after the first people had gone and there were still people starting half an hour after us. The heat didn’t help and I do admit I walked a tiny bit but I finished in under 31 minutes so that’s not to bad.

But it was definitely an experience and one I would suggest you try at least once, especially if you like getting a bit messy. Running through the different colour zones and trying to get hit with as much colour as possible is not an everyday thing, but it is something I’d love to do again (maybe when it was less hot.)

Good luck to those people soon it in Manchester next weekend, it really is the happiest run ever


Nice and clean before the race



Afterwards: Me and my brothers girlfriend.


5 thoughts on “Run a 5km race #ColourRun

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love your blog! I’m doing something somewhat similar in trying to improve myself in certain ways by age 24. 🙂 I did The Color Run a few weeks ago, too! It was also on my list of things to do (run a 5K).

      • Carolyn says:

        I loved the run! What fun. I was a little disoriented by all of the color dust, though, so I wasn’t able to run the whole time. I did another 5K a few weeks later that was timed and wowed myself by never stopping!

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