July mini goals update 2

 Update time:

  1. 6k run: The past week I haven’t really been running. Been doing Combat classes a lot more as a way to tone up, And also, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else by my RunKeeper seems to make my runs a lot longer then what I am actually running. It says 6.4kms but when I map it, it is only 4.8kms.
  2. Sign up for another race: Still haven’t. I’ve looked at a few, especially obstacle ones but I figure I need to build up upper body strength before I Sign up for them.
  3. Sort Flat: This might be ticked off on Friday. Just signing the forms before reference checks.
  4. Box for Home:   Taken this off since I’m moving in with family and don’t worry that much about them with my stuff.
  5. Money for summer: This Is a bit fat NO. I’m moving flat so that seems to be where all my money is going to be going
  6. Book a flight: I’m going to have to see how much money I have left over after paying to get into the flat.  But I want to go to Malta and (even tho it’s not a flight) I’m going camping
  7. Lose 7 pounds: Still one pound away. I got there and then I gained. Here’s to crossing this one off on Wednesday.
  8. Read 4 books: The Saturday Supper Club, Twitter Diaries, Dear John, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris and World War Z
  9. Get a PT session: I’m crossing this one off because since my Borthers come over he’s taken me to the gym and is doing weights with me. He pushes me hard as well and I know I have to do it otherwise I’d get shit from him.
  10. Run 40k in total: Done! and still got 9 days to go!

Finally I crossed some of them off.  I’m already thinking about my next months goals and what I want to achieve. It will either be a lot harder or maybe even easier since it’s summer holidays and while I won’t have any money, I will have lots of spare time to waste. I do need to get back into running to get that 6Km goal, and no more spending money on silly things (until I go out this weekend!)




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