#19 Try kite surfing/ paddle boarding

I was suppose to be crossing of number #3 yesterday but we are not going to mention that at all…

Instead I decided to try a new activity.  Now it wasn’t quite kite surfing or paddle boarding but I did use a paddle and I did go on water.

Have you guessed?

Have you guessed?


I went canoeing. In my Canoe was my other half, in the other was my Sister and BGF (brothers girlfriend). It took a bit to get going. At the start there was raised voices (mainly mine) but by the time we finished, we had a stride, the other canoe not so much. I think they spent more time hanging in bushes then anywhere else.

It was a great way to get daily exercise in, I could feel my arms aching by the end, and the setting was beautiful even though we didn’t really leave Leamington. I would love to spend half a day doing it, aiming to go further and taking  a picnic with me.

It was such a gorgeous setting

It was such a gorgeous setting

And such a nice day before the rain came!

Me and the other half

Me and the Boyfriend

I haven’t crossed anything off my list this month ( I know I still have 3 days left but I really don’t think I will get anything done) but next month I am aiming for more. I have plans in the pipe line which should hopefully get 2 or 3 crossed off and at least one started.



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