Out with July, and in with August

I was suppose to do a round up of July goals on the last day of the month but I didn’t so they are going to be squashed on the bottom of this post….

August goals:


  1. Read 10 books: I read 9 books when I was working for most of the moth I know I can read 10
  2. Run 50kms total: Again I did 40kms last month. This month I don’t have work and I also won’t be able to afford signing up to a gym for a while, Unless someone know of a really cheap one in the SW
  3. Run 8km: I want to be able to sign up for a 10km race so I need to build up my distance
  4. Visit 2 new destinations: They could be in the UK or anywhere in the world just somewhere I haven’t been before
  5. Cross 3 things off the list: I’m 1/4 of the way down and only 3 things are crossed off, there should be at least 7!
  6. Sports team: I want to keep fit and I want to be social doing it
  7. Try 3 new recpies: I like to try different things and otherwise I’ll always be stuck eating the same, easy meals.
  8. Bake twice: I’ve stopped baking and I don’t know why. It calms me, and at the moment I need it.
  9. Explore somewhere local: I figure I’m moving so it could be around here before I go or in the new place I move to but I want to go out and explore!
  10. I’ve left the 10 spot blank in case I add something extra. Right now it looks like its reserved for the August Abs Challenge but we’ll see

And now to Julys goals, I know you’re all dying to know if I completed them or not

  1. 6k run: I actually did do this one and I even managed to make it up to 7km this one time.
  2. Sign up for another race: Didn’t manage this one. There are races that I’d love to do but becuase I don’t have the money to spare this one’s taken a step back
  3. Sort Flat: Big fat NO. Seriously. I’ve paid you £500 and you sit there not doing your job for almost two weeks?!
  4. Box for Home: Taken this off since I’m moving in with family and don’t worry that much about them with my stuff.
  5. Money for summer: No again since all the money I have saved is going into the flat if we get it…
  6. Book a flight: Nope.. Figured we’d wait to move since then we could travel from London to more places even cheaper
  7. Lose 7 pounds: 8 and a half pounds gone for good this month!
  8. Read 4 books: The Saturday Supper Club, Twitter Diaries, Dear John, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris, World War Z, Chances, The Wedding Guest, Sarah’s Key, and The Newly Weds. OF all these books I would recommend Sarah’s Key and World War Z. The other were a little too lovey Dovey
  9. Get a PT session: I’m crossing this one off because since my Borthers come over he’s taken me to the gym and is doing weights with me. He pushes me hard as well and I know I have to do it otherwise I’d get shit from him.
  10. Run 40k in total: Done! and still got 9 days to go!

I found I couldn’t really do anything that required money since I need it for the flat. I achieved 6/0 this month. Lets hope for better next month!



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