August goals- midway

It’s half way through August so I though I’d report back on progress this month. There has been very little in the way of post due to moving and my laptop finally dying, but we should be getting Internet tomorrow and as soon as I’m working again (roll on September) a laptop will be purchased.
The move to London went a lot more smoothly then planned, only now we have horrible TV signal and got water can only be used if the radiators are switched on. Don’t ask me how that works. Planning meals took a bit of a back seat but I’ll cover that in another slightly delayed post, however now onto the list.

Read 8 books up to 7 so far, in the middle of 1, and about to go on holiday with lots of down time.
Run 50kms this morning got to 36kms. It might slow down about with going on holiday but I’ll try.
Run 8kms without stopping been slowly increasing and an running about 6km on average each run.
Visit 2 new destinations been to Cambridge, Rugby, Bicester north, and headed to Slovenia.
Cross 3 things off my list done one- I gave blood. Am going to complete a few when on holiday
Sign up for a sports team done. Signed up for netball. Off to meet the team tonight.
Try 3 new recipes haven’t started this one and it is tricky since I’m finding it hard to plan meals at the moment. But when I get back, watch out!
Bake twice I’ve made cupcake, they looked really good. I’ve just got to get back into things.
Explore locally Done! Before I left Leamington and gone for long walks around London.

Well that’s it for now. It does look better then last month’s at the moment. Wish me luck on completing it fully!



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