#14 Lose 2 stone- 23 and a half lbs

Only a small loss this week but it is a loss and a step in the right direction.
In all honesty, I expected a gain. Having moved house this last week it became a case of, “lets only way what we have”, then “I’ve cleaned the kitchen so we need to eat out” to finally “let’s go exploring and see where we end up.” Then we would, without a doubt, end up somewhere that specialises in food since we got hungry (we being the boyfriend and I.)

I tried to eat good the rest of the time but like always, there never seemed enough points left for a dinner out so a splurge it was.

On Friday, it was a Wetherspoons veggie burger washed down with a point of cider.
Saturday see another burger, this time goat’s cheese, washed down with not 1 or 2 points but 3 and then a whiskey and diet coke to finish. I do admit that the burger was absolutely gorgeous and I would have it again in a flash.
Sunday started with good intentions but a trip to Camden markets and a food court later and I had eaten one corn bread sandwich (I don’t know what Its actual name was) filed with goat’s cheese(cheese is my weakness) and roasted veggies. This was followed by a sorbet and a walk in Regent park. Dinner was salad while everyone else munched on fish and chips.
Monday I had my meal plan complete, my overnight posts in the fridge, then a trip to a Chinese buffet was suggested for the brothers girlfriends birthday. I tried making good choices but sometimes the lure of spicy potatoes is to much and you have to go for a second helping.

Tuesday was good stayed on track knowing that I had weigh in the next day. I even managed a run in the morning.
Then came Wednesday, weigh in day. I lost half a pound. I was pleased and promised myself I would stay on track until my holiday this weekend. Then Football… another 3 pints and a burger down.
But that was the past and today is a new day of staying on track and getting one step closer to goal. I probably won’t be blogging until I get back in about a week so until then



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