#14 Lose 2 stone- 27 and a half lbs

Yes I know I shouldn’t start a post on weight loss with pictures of food but enjoy…


Cheese štruklji (rolled dumplings)
A traditional Slovenia food had in Lake Bled


Original Bled cream cake
Its said to have been created in Lake Bled and is like a custard cake with cream and fpastry topping


It was pistachio cream surrounded by chocolate cream coveredin chocolate icing.
I would have another in minutes

So I spent the last week exploring Slovenia. My diet featured the above as well as many portions of ice cream (OMG have you tried raffaello flavour?! I would have lived off it given the chance), pints of Radler, chocolate, crisps, raw cake, pasta and pizza… but do you know what

I STILL LOST WEIGHT!! 4lbs off this week!

It is after a two week period but I honestly was planning on a 5lb gain and I would have been happy with that, so imagine my surprise when I lost. I think the leader I had thought I was a tad loopy the way I was smiling when I hopped off.

The other thing that happened to me today was that another girl approached me before the meeting (keep in mind I had only been there once, two weeks before.) She seemed genuinely interested in my journey, since hers was only beginning, and wanted to know exactly how I lost the weight.

My answer almost directly reflects my result of this weigh in. It’s taking the tips that I’ve learnt from Weight Watchers and putting them to use in real life. I didn’t track once in 8 days but I still lost. I ate foods that weren’t good for me (no matter good they taste) but I made sure I was drinking lots of water and eating fruit and vegetables as much as I could. I think one of my proudest moments was when I was eating a slice of cake (mmm cake) and decided that I was full after 3/4. The Boyfriend tried to convice me that I had already eaten so much I might as well finish it but, after some stern words to him, I left it on my plate.

The other things I made sure I was doing was keeping as active as possible. It’s easy when you’re in a new town and keen to explore but even today back in London, I went on a 13km from Regents Park to Battersea Powerstation. It makes me feel less guilty about that burger I had for lunch.

What I’m trying to say is that to me this isn’t just a short term change, it’s a lifestyle change, and one I plan on sticking to. I am now 7lbs from my 40% which is, at the moment, my final goal. It’s not easy and I’m constantly having to rethink what I am doing and how I’m doing it, but I know that I have the tools to get to my goal and I no matter what others may say I have Weight Watchers to thank for giving these to me!


Ps. Only half a pound till I can cross this off!


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