September- Back to School

Summer Holidays are OVER and I offically start a new job tomorrow.

It was someone on twitter who gave me this months theme.

I’m going to do the food/exercise equivalent of that. Stamping out habits which have crept in and not getting complacent. A* days, everyday. I thought it was appropriate given the month! A time for learning things, being a geek, and putting in 100% effort

was how @FatBmaid described it to me and I loved the idea.

I’ve moved down to London, and I’m starting a new job. The last time I lived here I was so hesitant about going out and making the most of my time. This time I’ve decided it will be different. I’ll treat it like being back at school. I’ll go out and try and make new friends. I’m going to try as many new experiences as possible even if they push me out of my comfort zone. I am going to not be negitive and give things a proper opportunity to play out.

In terms of Weight Watchers, I’m going to look at where I’ve come from and look to where I want to go. I have another 7lbs to go till I get to goal and frankly that’s really not that much when you consider how much I’ve lost already. However, I know that during August, I’ve begun to slack off in terms of food. I’m picking a lot more, eating and not tracking and I’ve also started drinking a heaps more as well, so this September I am going to look at making sure I’m eating right and tracking everything that goes into my mouth.

Basically, September will be about learning what I can do and pushing myself as much as possible. I tried to come up with 10 goals for this month but I got stuck after 5 and I think 3 of them were repeats from last month. But here is what I’ve got that I am happy with

1. Cross at least one thing off my list I’m aiming for this to be a dance class. I’m considering signing up for pole or burlesque. Something that I know will push me out of my comfort zone really.

2. Keep active for at least 4/7 days a week I’ve put this here since with starting a new job I’m going to feel tired but I need to keep my fitness up (even if it was a dance class) and this is to make sure I do.

3 Have at least 2 date nights with the Boyfriend He’s working in Coventry during the week, I’m in London. This is just to make sure that no matter what, we have time together at least a couple of times without others

And that is it really. Here’s to a sucessful month of trying hard, of learning and at the end of the day, having fun!


If anyone has a good idea for a date night/day I’d love to hear them.




One thought on “September- Back to School

  1. Emma says:

    This sounds like a fantastic challenge! Hmmm. Date night in London… I’d go cheesy traditional – dinner, a couple of bevvies & ten pin bowling before a movie or somewhere gorgeous for a brunch date or Doodle Bar near Battersea if you like drawing!

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