#14 Lose 2 stone- 27 and a half lbs (again)

So I finally managed to get to a meeting. I’m not sure if I’ll go to it again being on a Sunday. Infact it’s a rather annoying day to have a weigh in since I (hopefully) would have been out on the Saturday night (like I did last night) and a night of drinking, even a few, I’d think I’d be a bit bloated the next day.

At least I know it is there tho. My result this week was a maintained weight. It was probably the best I could hope for since this week has been pretty bad. Although I’ve been tracking, I haven’t been as honest as I could have been about it and my snacking is getting out of control even if it is fruit I’m snacking on. I also know for a fact my water intake is right down, I’m barely having a 750ml bottle a day and don’t even get me started about excercise. I’m just glad I started playing netball when I did,

In other news, I’ve been very busy this week. New job and all. I don’t know if it’s just me but I as excited as I am about starting, I always feel like a complete idiot and that I’m not doing the right thing. I went into my classroom for the first time on Tuesday. It had been left a mess, despite them telling me that it had been cleaned, so I spent the afternoon tidying and sorting. I butted headds with one of my Nursery Nurses. She’s been in the class for around 10years  (with different teachers) and had something to say about everything I wanted to do which made me feel pretty crappy. I know to alot of people it wouldn’t make sense getting upset over table placement, but when it’s someone questioning your ideas and knowledge, it really does sting.  I may be young but I’m doing what I know is best and change is good!

Working has seen me getting up at 6.00am so I can get to work by 7.30am then not leaving till 6.00pm and getting home at 7pm before doing more work until about 11pm. Hopefully it will calm down abit soon when I get things more organinsedm but don’t expect much from the blog for awhile. I’m suppose to be doing work but needed to let some steam off so decided to write this instead.

Until I have a spare moment again



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