September update

I’ve been busy.

At the moment my work day seems to be 12hours long (don’t let anyone say Early Years Teachers have a cruisey job) and that’s before I get home and do laminating and other bits and pieces. What it’s meant tho is that this blog has taken a step back and (especially with not having a laptop) I’ve found it tricky to blog. But no worries, most of the fiddly class room set up stuff is done and we’ve finally got the new laptop, so starting new week I should have more free time.
I’ve found it really tricky this month to get back to basics. Socialising tends to revolve around food and alcohol and I’ve always found it tricky to say no, especially when it’s a cold pint of cider placed in front of me. I have been tracking (bar last night when I went for Greek and figured it was easier to just assign my weeklies with the amount of oil in dishes!) but I know I’ve started bulking up my day with HEAPS of fruit ( the joys of working in an environment where you’re encouraged to sit with the children on the snack table) But at least it’s not cake!

Anyway, this month I had 3 goals I wanted to do
1. Cross at least one thing off my list done! I reached my goal of losing 2 stone and I’m hoping to still do a dance class this month.

2. Keep active for at least 4/7 day a week Last week I biked to work for 4days. 45miles I biked last week, that’s more then I ever have before. So let’s say that at the moment I’m on track to tick this one off.

3. Have at least two dates with the boyfriend He sorted his date night. We went to a rooftop cinema to see the labyrinth which was awesome. Stunning views across the city, an just an awesome vibe.
Now I’ve got to plan mine so if anyone has any ideas of a good date for next weekend let me know!


Not exactly the nicest night, but at least the rain held off


View from the roof.


We were given snuggies to wear to keep warm. The BF doesn’t normally look that crazed


See not crazed at all…. Ummm


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