Friday Five

I’ve seen heaps of blogs doing this lately and I really like the ideas have decided to give it a try this week.

I also realise that it must sound like I am down right miserable half the time, but that’s not true. There are lots of things in my life that I have to be thankful for and that I am proud of and that is what this post is about. All those things that I don’t mention that I am am thankful for. Todays edition:

5 things I am thankful for (that I can think of as I type this)


The boyfriend

IMG_0792At the moment he is working (and pretty much living) in another city, which makes it hard but I don’t know what I would do without him. We will have been together 4 years next month and even though we don’t have a house or a kid or any real material possessions to show from our relationship, the amount of things we have experienced and seen together is amazing. We’ve traveled the world  and had lots of adventures (and gelato, never forget the gelato… or cake) together which have been incredible.  And yes, I do often drop subtle (or not so subtle when you’re showing him your pinterest boards) hints about wanting to take it to the next step but for now, I really am just happy for him to be in my life.

#2 The chance to travel


From Egypt…

To Paris…

And places like Switzerland in between

And places like Switzerland in between

At the end of this month it will have  been 3 years since I hopped onto an Air New Zealand flight and headed to the other side of the world for my big OE (overseas experience for you non-kiwis out there.) According to an app I have, (high tech, I know) I’ve been to 33% of the countries in Europe and only 9% of the countries in the world. For me this is still amazing. The fact that I got out of comfort zone and left my family and friends at home to they something new. There are still loads more places that I want to visit before I even consider heading home.

Speaking of home

#3 Family

My family is huge (in my eyes.) I have 3 sisters and 2 brother. Now they are all going off and having babies there’s even more of us. And as much as I don’t get along with some of them at times (Shan, I’m looking at you) I know they will always be there for me, and even if I call up drunkenly sobbing from the other side of the world they will calm me down (true story, happened when I first came to the UK)

#4 The opportunities I have had

Similar to Travelling, but this is more about the things I have  had the chance to do, mainly my List. I have in the past 5 months, stood under a waterfall, been hiking, gone canoeing , been to a rooftop cinema and these are just a few that I’ve actually blogged about. I’ve in the past few years been able to experience small town living in the UK, made new friends, been to theater shows and concerts, watched an NBA game and more!

It’s not only that really, It’s the fact that I’ve been able to work here and have (knock on wood) never found it to hard to find a job where I have been able to learn from the people I work with.

and finally

#5 Communication

Random I know but let me explain. It has lots of different aspects. 1. Over my journey I’ve really taken to twitter. Here is a whole bunch of people, 99% I’ve never met but who, if I were having a bad day,or lacking motivation, I could turn to, who would offer me advice (in 140 characters or less) but would still support me nonetheless . 2. My family are over the other side of the world. I have no idea how I would have (or would) survive without Skype. Being able not only to talk to them but to see them, makes those days when you are feeling a little homesick a little bit better.  And 3. Last week I was losing it. After a  bad day at work all I wanted to do was talk to the Boyfriend. Unfortunately as he was in another city,a hug couldn’t happen, so thank goodness for cell phones. Just being able to hear his voice made it a tiny bit better,

Wow that was a lot harder then expected

Until next time



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