#14 Lose 2stone- Gold



January 2013 I decide to start weight watchers. It took all of my courage to walk into that first meeting. The shock of being told how much you weigh means you spend the first meeting not listening at all.

I decided to stick to it, even despite the fact my first leader was as unmotivating as they come. I looked for another meeting and a new leader and the one I found was amazing. She motivated you when you had bad weeks, celebrated with you when you had good and thanks to her I had an amazing 7months of losses.

Moving to London was tricky. The added adventure of going out and drinking nearly every night. The amazing array of food on offer on pretty much every corner. And not being able to find a leader that motivated me to lose and keep going.
Thank goodness for Facebook and my old leaders page there otherwise I would have given up, but I kept at it.

Then came October half term( or this point in time right now) headed back to the old home town, I knew I had to weigh in with my leader. It has also come to the point where I am actually noticing the weight loss. I know that sounds silly but for ages I’d look in the mirror and still see myself from 7months back. And I decided I was happy where I was so I knew that when I went to weigh in with her I was going to tell her I was happy and she agreed.

The overwhelming feeling of getting onto the scales today and seeing just how far I’ve really come in 10months. 79pounds or 35.8kg that’s just under 40% if my original body weight!

I am determined to keep it off an I will do it. Thanks to the support if an amazing leader and also to the people of twitter who are always there to offer advice and support on a bad day and well dones on a good day.




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