Friday Five- Places I want to visit

Random fact of the day: I LOVE lists.

If you hadn’t gathered this by now, I’d be slightly worried. They are even better if they are a list of things I want to do/see/buy/eat/visit ect. (I could go on, but I won’t.) The trouble for me is I’m so indecisive I can never decide what to put on my list and then when I finally do, next comes the problem of in what order am I going to finish my list!?!? Oh the decisions!!

But in the spirit of half term break (which I’m currently enjoying at the moment) and in completing lists, I give you this weeks Friday Five (unfortunately this post contains no photos as since I haven’t been I haven’t been able to take photos of them yet.)

Five places* I want to visit (in the UK)

1. Whitby, England

Old seaside town, and for some reason the location I am currently obsessed with. Like I’ve said I’ve never been there but my want to go here spans from looking at photos on the internet.

2. Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

I think this is just one of those places I decide I want to visit since everyone else does. Also I haven’t really done much of Ireland (Northern or Republic)

3. Cornwall

The likes of St Michael’s Mount, Lizard Peninsula, The Eden Project and Porthcurno. And where better to have a cornish pasty?

4. Devon

If I visited Cornwall, I’d have to do Devon at the same time. When I first decided I was going to come over here I wanted to find myself a job in either Devon or Cornwall. Having realised the unlikelihood of that happening I settled for London. Now three years on, I figure it’s about time I go and check it out. .. And maybe have a cream tea

5. Lake Distict

I want to go camping, I want to go Hiking (again) and I just want to go somewhere pretty.

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the United Kingdom, where would you go?

Until next time


*For the benefit of this post and my sanity I’ve limited it to places in the United Kingdom since otherwise we’d be here all day really


3 thoughts on “Friday Five- Places I want to visit

  1. emskiruns says:

    Go to Woolacombe and Croyde if you go to North Devon and if you get the chance and funds allow when you’re in Cornwall go to the Isles Of Scilly a gorgeous part of the world.
    I have always wanted to the Eden Project and Giants Causeway too I also really want to explore Edinburgh.

    • jennafrey says:

      I’ve been to Edinburgh twice. Every time I discover something new. It’s just so pretty there. Thanks for the tips. I’m headed to Canterbury at the moment for a mini getaway which should be fun

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