#1 Run a 5km race- Movember edition

This morning it was seriously cold, like my toes are numb in my trainers cold*, but I had signed up for a 5km Movember run so by golly I was going to do it.


This is my “I’m freezing so just take the damn picture!” face- Prerun of course

I turned up at Battersea Park and surrounded by fellow runners (some in quite clever costumes I may add)  we set of at 10am.


Passing the BF on the first lap, there’s always time for a photo

The race was two laps of Battersea park and I must say, never having been there before, it was pretty for the most part. Knowing I had run 5km easy the day before meant I was more then determined to finish and with a good time at that.


Token pose with the awesome medal afterwards

Ignore the timing above, I forgot to turn the Nike app off when I finished, so my official chip time was actually …26.49mins! I’m pretty pleased with that. I know I didn’t come anywhere near the front of the pack but just knowing how much better I am doing since I begun is worth it.

I’m hoping that by this time next year I will be sub 25 or doing 10km which is my next target. Any advice?


*yes I know it is due to get a lot colder


6 thoughts on “#1 Run a 5km race- Movember edition

  1. emskiruns says:

    Well done Jenna that is an awesome 5k time well done – 10k mo run next year?!
    Also where is your mo missy? I did the 10k at Cardiff it was fab, great course but hard work for me.

    • jennafrey says:

      I hoping to do one before that point lol. Maybe race for life unless there is a better one?
      I did plan on having one but then was to cheap to buy it and forgot my eye liner this morning lol

      • emskiruns says:

        ah cool – we had ours painted on at the race the girls were really good actually mine looked most fabulous – although not come the end.

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