#18 Take a cooking class

At the start of November the BF and I celebrated 4 years together. We spent the weekend exploring Canterbury and the Whitecliffs of Dover (I’ll save that for another post.) But my gift to him was to help me tick something off my list (Kinda selfish I know but at least I got him something with some meaning. Hint hint to him reading this)

I booked us a cooking lesson for two at one of Jamie Oliver’s Recipease restaurants.  We turned up and there wasn’t much in the way of knowing where to go, until we realised that the sign telling us which table to sit at was facing the wrong way. The group was made up of mostly couples but with a of couple groups of three thrown in. There weren’t many of us which meant that when it came time to cook for ourselves, one of the two staff were available to ask questions.

Once we sat down we were given our free drink, told where to put our bags and coats and given an apron. The lesson started pretty soon after that.

I'm so excited... I just can't hide it!

I’m so excited… I just can’t hide it!

We were told about all the different foods we would be making, and then it was straight into it. First they demonstrated what to do, explaining what each of the spices we were using were, then about the holy trinity (garlic,ginger and chilli)  and how to put them together (with some other ingredients) to make a decent. After explaining, we got to have a go ourselves. The BF, who is incharge of curries when we cook them at home, took onthe role of making the chickpea masala, while I got to make the Puri bread by using chapati flour and adding water free hand (more difficult then you would think). I then had to roll them flat and circular.


Clockwise from top left. 1. My rolled out Puri bread. Pretty good looking I’d day
2. The Puri bread after it had been deep fried. They are suppose to be balls of air really.
3. The different spices we worked with- chilli powder, black mustard seeds, turmeric, cumin salt and ground coriander
4. An assortment of vegetables we used, cabbage leaves, okra, red pepper and carrot

Once we done that it was back to the demonstration where we were  told the secret to rice, how to make a easy dal, then how to finish off the puri (by deep frying) and how to make Okra tasty using the same spices as in the masala and dal. I finished off the puri bread and the boyfriend made the okra (or lady fingers). I’d never eaten it before so wasn’t looking forward to it to much, but to y delight found that I really enjoyed it.

All of the above took 1hour and a half and once we had finished it was time to plate up and get stuck in!

The Finished product!

The Finished product!

I found the whole thing really fun and loved being able to get stuck in and give it a go. The staff who were taking the lesson knew their stuff and were able to give tips and hints when we were making the different foods. And after all of that it was delicious! (maybe a little to  much chili in the masala)

So with that done I have been able to tick another thing off my list. Next up, Take a dance class…TBC


Ps. All the views expressed here are my own,  I did really enjoy myself (shocking I know)I haven’t been given anything in exchanged for them, though I wouldn’t say no ;P


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