An announcement of sorts- 40 weeks

I understand that given the title of this post some people maybe assuming another sort of announcement but don’t assume anything. Also as a warning this might be slightly lengthy

40 weeks is the estimated time I have left in the UK.

No I haven’t bought a ticket home yet, but let me explain my situation.  I’m here on a Swiss passport which means I can really stay for as long as I want ( or until they change the law) however, back in New Zealand, when I finished my teaching qualification, I never finished my two years of provisional teaching (my NQT years to you UK folk or the two years before they decide I’m really a teacher to everyone else.) Since I didn’t finish them, I’m only allowed to teach in England for a total of 4 years from the first day I taught unless I apply for my PGCE or do an assessment based course (both of which could cost me £1500-£3000). Since I don’t see myself staying for long enough to justify this cost, next October (when I reach my 4 years) I have to give  up teaching in England. This would mean either trying to find a job in a field that I don’t really want to work in or going travelling again.

As much as I like living in the UK, I’ve realised that perhaps it is about time I consider moving home. I’ve spent so many of the last few weeks homesick wanting to be able to talk to and give my mum and dad a hug. Just because I go home doesn’t mean the travelling has to stop. I’ve still have most of the South Island to do, as well as the top of the North. And who says I can’t save and one day come back over (when I become a “real” teacher back in New Zealand.) Like I said, I have a passport so as it stands I can come and go.

The 40 Weeks I have left is going to become a way of making sure I make the most out of every week I have here. Every week I’m going to attempt to do/see/try something I never have before.  It might be something as simple as trying out a new cafe rather then  heading to the nearest Cafe Nero for my weekend coffee or something more difficult like visiting a new city/town but I want to attempt it. Then every Sunday I’ll post a weekly summery on what I got up to during the week (Only the important interesting bits of course.)

I figure it works well with my current list for making the most of every opportunity I have and for wanting to make the most of all the time I have left in the marvelous city! (and country)

Do you have anything I have to try before I head off home? What’s your favourite thing to do this side of the world?



4 thoughts on “An announcement of sorts- 40 weeks

  1. goalinreach says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to read about the adventures but the 40 weeks I was thinking of ends in an infant being born LOL when I read the title!

  2. Dannielle says:

    Big choices! If I could move back to NZ I would, I love that place. My favourite things to do in England are visiting country houses/stately homes. In the summer we would go to one practically every weekend! It’s nice to get out of a city for a bit and to learn the histories of the families that used to live there.

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