Friday Five to do in London

With my recent start to counting down to going home, I figured it fitting to do a post of things that I had to do/see while still in London. Now there is a good chance that there will be several of these posts especially if I start to tick some of the things off my list but we’ll start with on and if anybody has ideas let me know.

1. Watch the changing of the guards.

A totally touristy thing to do but I want to do it at some point. I’m thinking if I head down a really cold and miserable morning there should be fewer people there? I did try see it before but I arrived an hour early (thinking it started an hour early) needing to go to the loo and then on seeing how many people were already there, left to find the nearest toilet. Hence why next time it will be done on c cold morning rather then a nice summers day.

2. Take a ride on the London Eye

Again, I know it is something very touristy, but there is something romantic about it. I think the idea of doing it at dusk/night when London is being lit up would be amazing. Not that keen on doing it during the day though.

3. Go Ice Skating at Somerset House/ Natural History Museum

Ice Skating is one of the few sporting thing I can do better then the BF. I can go backwards, he can barely go forwards without falling over. Add to that the Christmas atmosphere- the carols, chestnuts roasting (as gross as they taste, the smell is  delicious) baileys lattes, the elegance of the buildings. It would make for a magical night. (Yes it would have to be night, there has to be Fairy lights!)

4. Go on the Harry Potter studio tour 

I read all the books when they came out, Watched all the movies. Now I need to get behind the scenes and see how it happened… And maybe purchase some chocolate frogs while I’m there.

5. Attend a service at Westminster Abbey 

The amount of history that this one place to contains, I couldn’t imagine how different the atmosphere would be if there was a service going on rather then just visiting it.

So there you have it, 5 things that I still want to do in London (part 1) lets call it. You’ve read what made my first list. What would make yours?



4 thoughts on “Friday Five to do in London

  1. thisfatgirlruns says:

    What a great list! London Eye at night sound like it would be amazing! I’ve been to London a number of times, there’s always so many fun and interesting things to do, it’s hard to choose 😀 Next time I go I want to see a play at the National Theatre.

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