Count Down: Week 1

I guess it’s not really a count down if I’m counting up? But ah well, since I don’t know how many weeks officially I’m going to count up and I don’t care what you think (unless you’re really pedantic about things like that in which case I’m sorry and please forgive me)

Anywho, this week started off with me doing nothing new. Same routine of going to work, coming home and cooking dinner, watching TV, then heading to bed. I felt so terrible this week I didn’t even go and play netball (Shock Horror!) In all honesty* I don’t know if I can be bothered playing it anymore. The person that runs it is so disorganised. SHe spilt my winning team up this season because she decided that she wanted to play and now can’t play because her foot is hurt but has doesn’t want to fill in players so we are going to be down. That isn’t helped by the fact that I don’t have the heart for it anymore especially since it’s getting colder and she refuse to tell you if your gmae has been cancelled!

Okay rant over.

Anyway, the weekend was when all the magic happened.

Friday night was date night with the boyfriend. Went to the cinema to see The Hunger Games. I know people have raved about it but I found the first half to be very slow and *spoiler alert* it wasn’t until she got back into the games that it started getting interesting.Don’t get me wrong I loved  the books and liked the movies it just was a tad dull to begin with.

Saturday:  I took the BF on a trip into town.  He had no idea where we were headed just that we needed to head in the direction of Stratford. And we sort of did. We headed over to the Emirates AirLine Cable Car . If it hadn’t only cost £4.30 I would have complained to someone. Considering the amount of hype that is given about the 360degree views, I found London lacking. From where I was sitting I could see the O2 arena, the Gerkin and after that?…Junk yards/ scrap heaps/ construction lots. It left a lot to be desired if this was what we wanted to show tourists (there is noway of you were commuting that you would consider it be a good transport option.) After ending up on the north side of the river, we stumbled upon the exCel centre where there was a jobs and skills expo going on. 4 pens, a free crepe and juice and numerous sweets later we headed out the other side of the building. Imagine my confusion over the amount of bowties, fez and blue costumes worn until I realised it that it was a Dr Who expo. I’ve never really been a fan (don’t hate me) but I was impressed with the mount of effort gone into some costumes, especially the 5 years old girl dressed as an Dalek.

It was home after that for an evening spent in with pizza and the BF.

The View to the North of the Airline Cable car

The View to the North of the Airline Cable car. Isn’t that just the most wonderful views you’ve seen?

Sunday This time it was the boy that dragged me out. 10am and out of the house. Thankfully the Northern line was running so less than 45minutes later we were standing outside Buckingham Palace, claiming our spot to see the changing of the guards (thats’s one from Fridays Five done.)


And there they go, Marching on by

We were there for roughly an hour and a half. Was it worth the cold? Honestly? No. I was so cold by the end of it that it took me over an hour to warm up and I felt physically sick. The first group marched in at about 11.15, and being by the fountain we had no idea what was going on, since we couldn’t see. When they all finally marched in, the was a band that played from behind closed gates for 10 minutes. Then when they finished that they marched off within 3minutes. So as much as I wanted to see it, I think that one time was enough for me.

Next week I will hopefully be not only crossing something new off my list (can you guess what it is?), but will start visiting Christmas Markets around London. YAY!


*Please be aware if you ever meet me, most of my uttered sentences start with this phrase or No Offence


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