Count Down: Week 2

I’m sitting here feeling rather sorry for myself. Two nights out in a row. Both beginning with the best intentions. Only one or two then home. Friday was a work party thing- Free drinks and fried food on offer (both of which I indulged in.) Resulting in stumbling home on the last tube home and enjoying crisps and coke while watching a rerun of the Masterchef final (I am not happy with the result at all!) and yes I am sad like that.

Saturday was spent shopping- food and Christmas, before coming home to a delicious broccoli soup. My brother then came and invited us to watch the league  final (another disappointing result) but it meant starting with a cider at 4pm and continuing for at least 6hours. I need to learn how to say no.. or at least limiting the amount I’m drinking.

Other then that I spent this week exploring the Christmas markets at Southbank. My idea of a perfect night. IMG_0967IMG_0968And I got news that  the BF will be spending more time in London, so that has got me excited. It means that tomorrow night we can attempt to go to winter wonderland. Another first for the year.

Until next time



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