Friday Five- Things I’m looking forward to in 2014

So I took a wee unscheduled break from blogging. Not completely my fault, or well it is but I did have reason. December was a tough month for me. I think between the pressure at work ( yes even teachers experience work pressure), the BF spending  more time away from home and  feeling extremely homesick on the lead up till christmas, the last thing I wanted to do was blog. I spent most of December feeling down, and would have quite happily packed it all in, work, living away from my mum (and the BF)  and moved backed to NZ.

Please don’t think that at the start of a new month/year, I’m finally happy with all aspects of my life, in fact I’m probably feeling worse. I’m waking up dreading having to go back to work, I would like nothing better then to give my Mum and Dad a big hug and to make it slightly worse, I haven’t had the motivation to run in weeks and after a christmas, am slowly starting to put on the pounds. At least last month I had a trip away to look forward to, now I don’t think I have much at all…

Which Brings me to this weeks Friday Five. To keep myself positive at the start of the year, here are five things I’m already looking forward to in the upcoming year:

1. Friends Birthday weekend away (February) 

I’ve personally never been before but I’ve heard from others that Butlins weekends are amazing fun (depending on who you go with) so with an 80’s weekend planned with a bunch of old workmates, it should be a blast. (Any costume recommendations?)

2. February Half term holiday

Hasn’t been booked yet but the plan is to go to Iceland in an attempt to see the Northern Lights. (Hints and tips anyone?)

3. Ticking off as much from My List as possible 

I have 5 months left and over half of my list to do. I am planning to do an update/ slight edit for some of the things which as the year has progressed I’ve decided aren’t as important to me as I once  thought. So stayed tuned

4. Weekends away and day trips

Considering my countdown till October, I’ve begun looking at different weekend trips away. Not being able to leave work before 4pm on a Friday means that they will tend to only be overnighters so If anyone has good tips on places in the UK and Europe which could be done in 1-2days, let me know! I do still want to go to Poland, Coratia, Greece, Turkey, Latvia. SO far I’ve looked up a trip to Lisbon- Could it be done in 2days?

5. October 

I’ve put October. It might be before that, it might be after that but either way around this time I’m going to be starting on a whole new adventure. I don’t know where I’ll be headed or for how long but I can’t wait!



5 thoughts on “Friday Five- Things I’m looking forward to in 2014

  1. Kelly Michelle (@80pairsofshoes) says:

    Jenna, mummy and daddy cuddles are the best and it’s so hard living in London when you are feeling homesick especially in December and January! Onwards and upwards, its a new year! If you need some cuddles, give me a call and I will pop down to London to give you a big cuddle and am sure I can find a few other kiwi girls to join in 🙂 Iceland – rent a car! And don’t be disappointed about not seeing the Northern Lights; three attempts and still nothing grr! Cambridge, Oxford, York are great places to visit for a weekend and for Europe you can do Budapest and Luxembourg in a weekend x

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