Count Down: Week 7

So it’s been a while since I did one of these (5 Weeks to be exact) but like I said in my last post, I really wasn’t in the right mind space. So jere’s a summary of what I’ve been up to during the last (5) weeks or  so… (Apologies now for horrible phone photos)

Week 3:


Christmas comes but once a year (then stays for at least a month)

Team Bonding via paint balls

Team Bonding via paint balls

Week 4:


Christmas Party time… somewhere in Peckham (never been and amazing food)

Week 5: 

Last week of school before Christmas holidays. The week was spent watching Christmas concerts and have junk filled party’s.


An early Christmas dinner before heading away for week 6

Week 6:

A whole lot of new because the week of Christmas was spent in NEW YORK (post to follow soon)

Rockafella Center Christmas Tree!

Rockafella Center Christmas Tree!

Week 7:

This brings us to this week. New Years Eve, which was spent very drunkenly at a pub. New Years day, Hung over curry. We got free Pompadoms dur to the BF supporting Arsenal.  I had Brunch at MI1K, Balham. It’s been something I’ve been talking doing since moving to Balham but due to long lines hadn’t yet. Coffee was really good, as was food. Booked a weekend away in Portugal and went Shopping yesterday before meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon.

The one thing I have really attempted this week was trying to organise doing things from my list. With less the 5 months to go I really need to get on to it. So if anyone wants to help or has ideas about ticking something off, let me know!



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