A Travel Wishlist- 2014

I’ve spent most of the weekend reading other peoples travel wishlists, dreaming about where I would go this year. So when Kelly (@80pairsofshoes) Mentioned there was still time  to submit my own, I jumped on the chance.


In 2013 I had lots of plans, most of which I didn’t do. 2013 started in New Zealand for Christmas and New Years, Wales, Zurich, Lucerne (Switzerland) followed. Then Nice, Monaco and Gibraltar were all visited before July started. During the second half of the year the travelling slowed down and it was a drive around Slovenia , and a Christmas trip to New York. There were lots of cities in the UK along the way: Bournemouth, Cambridge, Chester, Shewsbury, Sheffield.


And I’ve already got one trip set in stone, and one more being planned as we speak.  There really are so many places that I want to visit that this simply offers a small snapshot (as a bit of a major dream)

Lisbon, Portugal

Flights booked, hotel booked. We’re all set to go. It’s only for 2days/1night so planning on cramming in as much as possible.


One of the things to complete on my list is to attempt to see the Northern Lights, so what better place to attempt to do it. Specific dates haven’t been set in stone but there is a single week in February where I have school holidays that we are planning on going. The plan is to hire a car and drive round for four days, going where ever the hearts desired. I don’t know if anyone has done this before but any advice? I’ve heard that it’s best to be as flexible as possible to try and follow them. I’d love to see the blue Lagoon while I’m there as well as a few waterfalls that were recommended by another blogger. We all know how much I love waterfalls.


Especially Krakow. It sounds morbid but I’d love to visit Auschwitz when I go. I went to Dachau when visiting Munich and was incredible moved, so I can’t imagine how it would be there. I’m hoping this will be during the April holidays maybe also sneaking in a trip to Prague for a few days while I’m there.


I’d love to do a boat cruise around either (or both) of these countries. I studied Greek History in school and would love to visit so many of the places I heard about. Both also look amazing!

Eastern Europe/ South East Asia

In October/September I might be headed home, So before I go, I want to spend a few months slowly making my way around either of these two areas. Chosen as they are suppose to be the cheapest in their areas, I feel Eastern Europe almost wins out since to me, Asia is still so close to New Zealand, I could go back for cheaper (and easier) then it would cost to get to Europe.  If anyone has explored wither of these, I’d love advice. Nothing is set in stone yet tho so it could change.

United Kingdom

During months with no school holidays day trips around the UK. Top of the list is definitely  Whitby,  Cornwall and Devon or any of these other ones. I’d also love to see  York, Liverpool.  Also headed to Skegness in February for a birthday party

So they would be my top 5 trips, but I would love to visit so many more countries, Turkey, Hungary, Victoria Falls, Canada,  Mexico, Japan, Germany (Berlin). I’d also love to revisit more places in Italy, Amsterdam,

My ultimate places to visit would be

India- The Food, The culture, So different to what I’m used to I’d love to experience it all.

Peru- I’d love to do the Machu Picchu trek. It’s something I thought I’d never physically be able to do but seeing how I’ve changed within the last year, I’d love to do it.

Russia– I did Russian history during high school as well. I’d love to be able to see all the places I read about. Places that have so much history attached to them. It would be amazing.

Until next time



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