The City that never sleeps


The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Empire State. 

No matter what you call it, to visit it was a dream, and a even bigger dream was to visit it at Christmas… So that’s exactly what I did.

We booked flights (wow they cost a lot) and then a hotel (wowee, never thought i’d be that much!) Then the count down begun.

When the Monday of the flight arrive, it was up at the crack of dawn to make the first tube in order to get to the airport. It was an easy trip to the airport, followed by a surprisingly easy airport transfer.  Window seats as well as a selection of movies, food and a building excitement.

Arriving at JFK airport the crankyness had finally begun to set in. I just wanted to be in the action, but with an airlink and then a subway ride to go, it was a good 40minutes till we finally reached Penn and 34th street. (Yes by London airport times I do realise that 40 minutes is nothing.) We were staying at the Hotel Penn, right across from Madison Square Garden and only a short walk from Times Square, The Empire State Building and  5th Avenue (Shopping!! Expensive shopping but still Shopping!)

We ditched our stuff in the room when we finally managed to check in (the lobby was ALWAYS busy! And there was always a line!) We decided to do a bit of exploring. It was 4pm and we were starting to flake, so first stop, like any true New Yorker*, We headed to the nearest Starbucks. Let me tell you this, I had heard all about portion sizes and how huge they were, I was let down by Starbucks. Same sizes as in the UK! Come on, I thought bigger was always better (or maybe that’s a Southern State?) There were a lot more choices tho and salted caramel latte, delicious!

We then decided to continue heading down 7th Ave, see where we would end up and that sort of thing. And where do you Imagine we ended up?!



The lights, The People! It was a bit overwhelming considering the amount of  sleep I had  had the night before. It was also 2 days before Christmas and the shops were packed.

We took some photos then kept walking and like any good people tried to find somewhere they served drinks. Do you realise how many Irish Pubs there are in New York? Heaps, that’s hows many.  So after a Cheap (really not that cheap) drink and dinner we decided to have an early night and headed home to bed, ready to explore more tomorrow…. TBC


*This is a claim I will make a lot over these post


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