#4 Visit 5 new countries- United States of America (day 2)

Getting up was easy on day 2, planning what to do not so much. We had slightly discussed plans but nothing was set in stone. I’m not good at making decisions and the BF feels that if he doesn’t say anything I eventually will and I did. We started out walking up 7th again towards Times Square (Starbucks in hand of course.)


Don’t be fooled by the blue skies. It was bloody freezing!

Took the obligatory photos and had a quick stop into Toys  R Us to get my awesome Barbie coffee mug (If you ask nicely I’ll show photos) and into the Hershey’s shop where they gave away free chocolate when you walked in (I ate enough to realise that I really don’t like Hershey’s Chocolate.) Then off we went. And up we walked all the way to Central Park.

Now I’m not going to go on and on about it but let’s just say it’s big, and a lot more rocky then I would have imagined (despite seeing all the movies with Central Park in them having rocks. I’m an idiot.)


Christmas Mittens….


You wouldn’t know by the photo but that night it snowed just a little

It was pretty nice and we managed to rack up a decent walk before we realised that we didn’t have breakfast so decided we needed to eat. After a quick pop in at the Guggenheim Museum (It was expensive and we’re not exactly arty people) We carried on and found  the first  place that served food. DUNKIN DONUTS. You know how cops get a bad rap for liking donuts.

Insert photo of cop eating the donut beside us here

 (it’s on the BFs phone so use your imagination)

Anyway. One of my favourite things about visiting any new city is the ability to get lost. To walk down any random street look up and just say WOW.


The Chrysler Building in the background and Grand Central Station in front

I do admit my neck got rather sore at times from all the head craning I found myself doing so we decided that that afternoon we would get above it all with a trip  up to the top of the Rockefeller Center.

We seemed to time it right (on my suggestion) that we went up just before dusk so that we got day, sunset and night pictures. And it turned out okay.


The view from atop the Rockefeller Center looking south towards the Empire State Building


Sometimes the BF tries to get artsy and take reflective nighttime photos forgetting they come out slightly blurred without a steady hand.

I think by the time we got down, we were both so chilled the only real option was to go to a bar for a drink to end the day. So that’s exactly what we did …


I did stop and admire the beauty of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree before that drink tho



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