A dream come true, Christmas in New York City


Or at least it was on the day. We woke up early again and swapped presents (I challenged the BF to a 20 minute $10 Christmas present shop at  the Kmart down the road.) I got him undies, he got me food. We know each other well. Then off to the Diner down the road for a christmas breakfast.


WAFFLES!!!! They were delicious (especially after being smothered in maple syrup.)

We then decided to take a walk in the opposite direction to yesterday. We headed by the Empire State building and debated whether or not to pay to go to the top. In the end we decided against it since we’d done Rockefeller the day before, so instead we headed towards the meat packing district to The High Line.

On the way we did happen upon this in the Flatiron District. Can you guess what it might be called?

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building

Looking the other way day the street. It was freezing but very sunny.
Looking the other way day the street. It was freezing but very sunny.

On we continued, it was a freezing cold walk and we almost missed the entrance but we got there. An old railroad which has been converted into what I would describe as a park walk, it was an interesting way to see part of the city.


Since it was the middle of winter, very little was actually in bloom, (bar a holly/mistletoe bush/tree?)


I loved being able to see such a city landscape while being surrounded by nature



Around every bend was an unexpected surprise and something new or different to see.


The whole walk didn’t take that long, and despite me complaining about the cold, it was something I was glad I did. The hot shower when we got home was much needed but there wasn’t much time to hang around since we had to get to the BF’s birthday treat…

IMG_1098 IMG_1101

BASKETBALL! or more specifically Knicks. It was expensive, butI think that just getting to watch a game at Madison Square Garden was worth it. We were on bar stool seating which were exactly as they sound. Bar stools right at the back next to the bar.. good when you wanted a drink. They lost in case you were wondering but ah well.

And pretty soon it was Christmas Night. Were I at home, there would be a good chance that I would be stuck on the couch after eating to much food. Instead we headed to Byrant Park, behind the public library, where after waiting in line for over a half hour, we got to go ICE SKATING! I love ice skating, mainly because it’s something I can do that the BF can’t. I have no photos of ice since the BF tended to be death gripping my arm as I led him around the rink.

It was an amazing Christmas day and I’m so glad I got to spend it in New York. I can’t wait to see what next Christmas holds. Until tomorrow…



The Christmas Tree in Byrant Park with Baubles bigger than my head!


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