#4 Visit 5 new countries- United States of America (day 4)

After such a busy day yesterday you would think we would sleep in a little… but nope. It was up early for a bagel and cream cheese breakfast. Delicious. The on to The E train down town, where as soon as we hopped off I spotted a Century 21. If you’ve never heard of it (neither had I ) But it is amazing. It has all the major labels, Adidas, Nike ect  and heaps of luxury brands such as Vera Wang and Betty Johnson but it is all heavily discounted. It was pretty amazing. But not wanting to spend the entire day holing bags, we left with only one pair of shoes (for me) and continued to Ground Zero.

We arrived at a pretty good time (10am) and were able to line up and get through security in under 10 minutes.  There is little to really say. It was a massive space and I couldn’t imagine what would have been their before. I think the hardest thing was looking at the names and seeing how many their really were, including unborn  children.

1 World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center

9/11 memorial

9/11 memorial


Flowers are placed in the names to remember birthdays.

A bit more subdued then when we started the day, we continued walking on a quest to find Wall Street… and can I just say I was rather disappointed by it.

IMG_8748I don’t know I just expected more, like it to be longer or have the big buildings on it, but they are all on the connected street … or so it seemed to me (correct me if I’m wrong.) After some photos we continued towards the river.

What we found was old buildings (not England old), another ice skating rink, and an awesome (if not expensive) candy store.


Riverside Buildings

Our riverside walk led us to one of the most dodgy signs I’ve seen in awhile


Yep, This was the proper ‘sign’

The bridge was packed with people walking, cycling, taking photos and just being tourists.

brooklyn bridge flag

Token flag photo

  Brooklyn bridge

We crossed the bridge over to Brooklyn, and for lunch (yes it was only lunchtime by this point) found a huge slice of pizza (after 4 days in the country the first I had had!)

We found a cookie shop (I can’t remember what it was called) and had a pumpkin whoopie pie. It was alright. Then it was back down to the river for view of Manhattan


The streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge with 1 World Trade Center in the background

 We ended up walking back over the bridge and all the wall to Midtown to find dinner (It took awhile) And we ended up finding a South Indian restaurant which had pretty good food . Again I can’t remember what it was called.

And that was the end of Day 4



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