#4 Visit 5 new countries- United States of America (day 5)

Day 5 and the tiredness finally caught up to us. We didn’t leave the hotel till 11am and even then it was a very easy day. We took the subway downtown and went for a walk in Battery Park.


Looking up at 1 World Trade


Battery Park

Our walk took us through Battery park to south, where we could either decide to get on the Staten Island Ferry or go on a boat to Liberty Island. We considered lining up for the Statue of Liberty but seeing how long the line was and how little it was moving we decided to flag and try the Staten Island Ferry. I’d been told by a few people that this would be more then enough to get a good few of the Statue of Liberty and a lot cheaper (considering it was free.) The terminal was packed, and people have no qualms about pushing their way on, (I’d like to assume that were it in Britain there would be an orderly line. )

We managed to get on the Ferry pretty quickly after arriving at the terminal and  soon managed to wrangle a spot on the deck. Perfect for seeing Lady Liberty herself, or so we thought. Everybody wanted the same picture so was vying for space, and people don’t have a problem with standing in front of someone short and holding their hands up to take photos. I quickly realised that I wouldn’t be seeing much so headed inside where it was warm and I could have the snacks that we had brought prior.


The best photo we have of the bunch

We got off at Staten Island with little idea of what there actually was over there. My knowledge of Staten Island comes from the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Movie, It Takes Two (which is saying a lot.) We took a few photos of the Manhattan Skyline then after a 20 minute wait, boarded the ferry back to New York.


We got back about 4 and decided to walk up and explore Chinatown and Soho.

Dinner tonight was provided by a recommendation through Twitter.  Up we walked (yes always walking) to Greenwich Village. It was happy hour so we did the expected thing and got Cocktails (or I did,the BF got a beer.) After a few drinks, we headed off to Crif dogs where the choice of food was Hot dogs. They thankfully did have a veggie one but I was preparing myself not to have one.

The hotdog photo was taken on the BF’s phone so lets just pretend there’s one here

The Veggie Special was pretty plain to be honest, I think the BF was a bit more happy with his BLT. But the cheesy Fries on the side made me rather happy. I could have really eaten another dog at least, I was still hungry.

After that the day ended and with promises of waking up early tomorrow, I’ll leave it there.



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