Count Down: Week 8/9

Another few weeks where I’ve felt a lot busier then I really have been.

Week 8

Started back at work, which I guess is why I felt so tired. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my last count down post but I couldn’t start school again without something to look forward to so a weekend in Lisbon was booked (any advice on what to do, I’d love to hear it.)

Not only that but flights to Iceland for a week in the next school holidays was also booked so yay! Two more countries to looks forward to.

Apart from that there was cocktails at The Loft in Clapham Common on Saturday night. IMG_1215[1]Two for one during happy hour is always good by me. Especially for a good tasting Cocktail.

And Sunday Night I finally managed to get to Hampton Court Palace for ice skating on the last night. The lights weren’t on and the weather was a bit damp, but it was still lots of fun. IMG_1245[1]

Week 9

Again I said I’d do lots during the week but hardly did anything. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been paid for a bit (Cannot wait till next week!)

This week was a lot about food. I tried out new recipes…


Homemade Samosas


Trying out the slow cooker for a meal not designed for me at all. Pulled pork










The BF and I also went to Bubbledog in Soho where along with a glass of Champagne, I managed to convince the BF to get a veggie dog so I could try two without having to buy two.

IMG_1269[1]They were good. Almost better then the ones I had in New York. I got a horney dog, which was really a corn dog. and the BF got a Mac Daddy, which was a hot dog and bun with Mac and cheese and crispy onion on top (so good!)

Next week, I’ve got plans to meet a friend, am on the hunt for an 80s costume (Ideas please!) And am looking forward to a weekend away in Lisbon. So until next time



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