#4 Visit 5 new countries- United States of America (day 6, 7& 8)

Finally a round off post. At this point in the trip the camera seemed to spend more time in the bag then out and we tended to go back and revisit places that we didn’t feel we saw well enough the first so of course, the first place on my list was the Statue of Liberty.

Day 6

When we saw it from the ferry , I was disappointed. It had been built up so much in my mind, I picture seeing it the first time close up would be like seeing the Eiffel Tower. But Nope, I deemed  it to small and ultimately, not that good. So on redo day, we got up early and bet the crowds to be able to walk onto the boat to Liberty Island without having to wait in line (which was HUGE when we got back).


Lady Liberty from the back

 I was glad we decided to spend the money and actually visit Lady Liberty. I found seeing her close up you really got to see how large and imposing she was, a feeling you didn’t get on the Staten Island Ferry. 


Me and the BF


Amazing weather

The ticket price also included entry to Ellis Island, which is now a museum.

When we got back to the mainland we headed back up to Soho/Little Italy, where it became my mission to find an Italian Bakery. Just thinking about it makes me want to find one in London right now! We managed to Ferrara by chance. We lined up and left with a cannoli each and a lobster tail to share.


Absolutely delicious (one Cannoli had already been eaten by this point)

Again the rest of the day was spent wandering around New York. Dinner was in Greenwich Village, again nothing special enough to recommend to other people.

Also we found this building… Anyone recognise it? IMG_9000

Day 7

Something we had planned before we went to New York was a Greenwich Food Tour . It was recommended to me and I would recommend to other people in an instant. I only had two negatives with it and one was that we didn’t do it when we first arrived so we could revisit all the shops again.

My other was that while the BF got this


The biggest meatball I’ve ever seen

I got a plate of limp vegetables that had been thrown together simply to give me something to eat.

The rest of the food was much better. We had AMAZING white truffle popcorn (which has now resulted in a search for truffle salt in London) Cheese tasting, arancini, pizza…




And more cannoli (not that I’m complaining)

There was also lots of history about Greenwich village told and lots of walking so I didn’t feel as bad when I was eating.

We made sure to come back to Greenwich Village for dinner which I had Mexican of Epic portions (Yeah read that sentence again to make sure it makes sense) Basically it was a huge meal and a Huge cocktail.

Day 8

Our last day in New York and having spent most of the last few days downtown we decided to head Uptown to The Natural History Museum. *Tip* if you don’t use the Central Park entrance you can pretty much walk in without lining up. So again we got to walk in. Also depending on how cheap you are, you can get away with paying as little of the recommended donation as you want.

We spent a couple of hours here before the amount of tourist.. and children started to get to me.  I had one more food place that I wanted to try, right by the Natural History Museum.

Levain Bakery

These were the most delicious cookies I had had the whole trip. In fact, they would rival most of the treats I had had.

IMG_1176[1]It cost $4 but it was huge. Almost the size of my hand. We got two and ate one right there. The chocolate inside was still gooey, and it was moist and with just enough chew on it. The other cookie I saved for a day and ate back at home and it was still just as good as the one I brought on the day.

We ended up walking back through Central Park all the way to 34th street to get our bags from the hotel and sadly began our trip back to the airport and back to reality. Another amazing trip over.



2 thoughts on “#4 Visit 5 new countries- United States of America (day 6, 7& 8)

  1. lundygirl says:

    hi, love the photos. Is the hook and ladder building a fire station (fire house)? If you google ‘hook and ladder’ you should find a picture of it.

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