#24 Take 6 photos of Ad and I (from this year) to turn into canvas

Right so this is one that I decided to slightly (very much) adapt.

See the thing is living overseas means that when I do decide to finally go home, I’ll have to ship everything I want home with me which may already end up costing me a fortune.

Thinking realistically, 6 Canvas would be a mission to carry and how would I know  when I had the 6 photos I liked?!?! I mean half of them would be from my trip to Slovenia anyway at this going rate, so why adapt it to something that I wouldn’t be able to do without a bit of effort.

So Valentines Day rolled around and with little idea of what to get the BF, a plan was hatched. I decided to make him a book…


My chance to get creative…

IMG_9295I printed out photos of the two of us from the past year.

(I know! Printed photos?! Do people even do that anymore? But that was part of the task)

IMG_9296And along with some hand written notes, it started to take shape.

IMG_9298I figured with the lack of printed photos in this digital age, this would suffice for this one (until I get back home and can print out large canvas). Every photo in the book I was happy  and  would be happy for others to see. So I think that’s one more crossed off my list!


Jenna xoxo


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