Pinch me!!

When I heard this months topic,  travel ‘pinch me’ moments, the first thing I thought of, the one most  truly pinch me moment, was the first trip I took after arriving in the UK.

Growing up in New Zealand, you hear about all these amazing places; the Colosseum, The Empire State building  the Pyramids… and the list could go on. But I’d never thought I’d visit any of them. That was a dream a long way off.

My first European trip outside of the UK was to France, Paris to be more specific.


Excuse the slightly blurred picture

It was that moment, standing underneath the Eiffel  Tower that I experienced my first pinch me moment.

A simple weekend  away, but it was the first time I realised how far away from home I was.

 I had done it! I was in this place I had only dreamed about visiting.

I still have pinch me moments every time I travel. I may not have liked Lisbon that much but stepping out of the Metro, I did still have to pause , look around that first square and just go ‘Wow, I am here!’

I’m so grateful for the experiences that I’ve had while traveling overseas and if I do end up going home at the end of the year at least I can say it has been an amazing time in my life filled with numerous ‘pince me’moments.



Just to leave you with my favourite Paris shot taken



11 thoughts on “Pinch me!!

  1. danniellek says:

    I get the same butterflies and pinch me moment every time I go somewhere new, even if it’s a new city near me in England! Paris has definitely been up there on my biggest pinch me moments as well though.

    • jennafrey says:

      I’m the same. As much as I’m looking forward to eventually going home, I’m going to miss that feeling you get when you explore a new country/city, getting lost in its backstreets.

  2. nylonliving says:

    love how so many people think of the Eiffel Tower is a pinch me moment! It’s definitely an icon to be experienced. Even my kids who were 6 when we took them a couple of years ago were floored! They still speak of it and want to return. Next time though we will book tickets ahead of time and not wait in line for 8 hours.

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