#4 Visit 5 new countries- Iceland (day 1)

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” ~ Paul TherouxIMG_9300

My brother and his GF moved over to the Uk last summer and since then we had talked about doing a trip somewhere as a group.  We  booked nothing but flights to Iceland, the first nights sleep and a car. We had a travel book (thanks Lonely Planet) but not much of an idea of what else we wanted to see or do.. The idea was to take each day as it came. 

We arrived at 12am, thankfully the hotel was a 5 minute walk from the airport, which as soon as we got our bearings was easy to find.

The next morning as soon as the hire car was dropped off, we set off. My brother was determined that we do the Blue Lagoon, so given its proximity to the airport it was our first stop.


With the 35Euro entrence fee- more if you need to borrow a towel, I’m not sure how keen I would have been to do it ad everyone else in the group not wanted to. However, we arrived early enough that there weren’t to many others so that was a bonus. I found that if you could get a good spot, where the water was warm  and  you were out of the wind, you were fine, but in places the water wasn’t that warm and the wind was so bitter that any exposed part of your body just froze. After about 2 hours, the lagoon started to fill up more and the cold wind started to really bite, so it was time to get out.

Our next stop was to Reykjavik, Capital city, And our first job was to find somewhere to spend the night. I say first but really we stopped at the Laundromat Cafe where a family friend worked and was going to give us some advice, and there was free wifi. The food was absolutely amazing as well. If you do ever go to Iceland, that would be one of my tips.

Here lies the problem, we sat down, booked our hotel using lastminute (what did we do before smartphones!) Ate, talked to our friend, then just as we are about to leave to check into the hotel, we get a phone call from the hotel. Turns out the hotel was fully booked. So we had paid for the room that wasn’t even available  and in order to get the money back, had to phone up last minute in hopes they could reverse the payment.

It was fine tho.  Found a hostel near with a 4 bed dorm and checked into that (as pricey as it was).Fun fact, it was the first time the Brothers GF had ever stayed in a hotel. We decided to split up and me and the BF went off exploring while my Brother and his GF relaxed for a bit at the hotel.


Look! I’m walking on (frozen) water!


By this point the wind was so strong I was almost crawling when it blasted. Behind us in this picture was a lorry that was shaking from side to side.



 For dinner we cheated and seeing as how we  started in a pub, ended up getting pizza.  It does continue my run of always having pizza when I go away and  perhaps a future list of 10 greatest pizzas in the world!

Until next time



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