#8 Stand under a waterfall* – Iceland (day 2)

*By under, in this case I mean behind

If you haven’t gathered by reading by blog, or if this is your first time, I have a odd fascination  with waterfalls. This meant that on hearing Iceland had lots, I wanted to visit as many as I possible could….

Day two in Iceland and we decided to drive the Golden Circle (or at least some of it.) And armed with a delicious coffee, we sped out of Reykjavik (not really, since the BF wasn’t used to driving in snow on the right side of the road.)

First stop

Þingvellir National Park- Rift Valley

This is where two tectonic plates meet and can be seen in the cracks in the earth.

IMG_9389On a nicer day it would have been an amazing place to explore and hike around like most places, but with such a bitter wind, the prospect of spending time wandering in such open space didn’t really appeal.


Walking along the half frozen river


Battered by the wind, but an amazing view.

 Next we headed towards  Geysir geothermal area, the original geyser, of which all others are named (according to the Lonely Planet book I took with me)

We didn’t get to see the Great Geysir erupt while we were there, but Strokkur erupted a good few times. The smell reminded me a lot of Rotorua in New Zealand, with the odd whiff of rotten eggs.


Strokkur getting ready to erupt

Our last planned stop of the day was  Gullfoss… Another waterfall.

Ithink the most amazing thing about it was considering it’s size and force, part of it was still frozen!

IMG_9423 IMG_9435

We did have to put up with some rather annoying teenage tourists at the same time. Surely I was nowhere as annoying when I was one!

We decided to spend the night in Vik, which was on the southern coast of Iceland ad managed to find a good BnB online which we headed off to after visiting Gillfoss.

During the drive, we did spot another waterfall which we, you guessed it, had to stop at.

When we arrived there was no one else there, so we had free run of the place. My brother, being the explorer that he is, quickly set off to get as close as possible, while the BF and I stoped to admire and take photos before joining  him.


One of my favourite things was hoe close you could really get to the water fall, even with how powerful it was.


Excuse the shocked expression the flash was bright!


That tiny figure at the bottom is me

We managed to get right behind it. And with the spray from the waterfall it was an incredible moment.

My brother, of course, had to go one step further and climb high enough to snap off an icicle. I won’t post the picture but he would not be a happy bunny!

After a completely jam packed day we got back into the car and headed out to Vik where, be forewarned, there are very few restaurants that are open in winter. Ended up eating at the hotel and as the BF put it, you had a mean in Iceland that you could have got in Iceland in England!



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