A stopover in Sweden

After spending 4 days in Iceland, our flight back home came with two options. 1. spend 8 hours in an airport in Stockholm or 2. Spend the better part of a day  exploring as much of Stockholm as I could…

Can you guess which option I chose?

View of Stockholm from City Hall

View of Stockholm from City Hall

We arrived at 11am and brought our fast train tickets into the city. *tip* make sure you check payment options. Since I’m under 25 I was eligible for a half price ticket which was a saving of £25. We got into the city and A sropover inrealising each couples priorities were different, decided to split up and then planned to meet up again at 5pm to catch the train back to the airport.


We got our coffee (£10 later, ouch!) and decided to head straight in. We considered doing a bus or boat tour, but thought that by the time we managed to get on one , we could have explored more by ourselves. We didn’t have any idea of what we wanted to see and it was as much a positive as a negative. It meant that we didn’t fell like we were missing anything, but it also meant we didn’t know if we did miss anything important!


After exploring City hall, we moved onto one of the smaller islands, which was covered with old buildings. After being in Iceland it was different. It made me realise how much I missed the winding streets of Europe which are so easy to get lost in.


We spent most of the time just wondering the streets, not bothering to go into museums or even the palace. We happened to stumble upon a mini winter olympics event where they were playing the Sweden vs. Canada Ice Hockey Final. I (loving anything for free) managed to get lollies, pastries and blueberry soup (kinda like a hot smoothie), while we watched children try cross country ski, curl, ice skate and go down the dodgiest down hill ski ramp I’ve  ever seen!


We didn’t spend all the much time there in the scheme of things and  I’m sure there was so much more we could have done, but as the shops started closing and the sun was setting we headed back to the train station where the other two were waiting, I knew that we really had made the most of a day in a country I had never been to before.

IMG_9800I would like to mention that upon visiting Stockholm, Sweden, I had officially visited 5 new countries! Each one has been so different from the others.

From the skyrises in New York, to the vast empty expanses of Iceland. I’ve had a monkey try and open my door (even tho Gibraltar didn’t count!) and seen some of the most beautiful landscapes ever in Slovenia. I may not have liked Lisbon that much but I’m glad I went and Stockholm just served to remind me how much I love Europe and everything it has to explore! Just because I’ve been to 5 doesn’t mean I’ll stop, there’s still so many places I want to visit!



The BF took a photo of me taking a photo of my food… I just thought it was funny


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