#22 Go to a West End Show

So I hadn’t been to a show for over a year then suddenly it was 2 in 1 week.

Friday Night: War Horse

Funnily enough it was the BF who suggested this one. A play set in World War 1 about a boy and his horse. And despite not being a show I would have chosen for myself, I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday Night: Mama Mia!

I had originally planned on going to see this when my sister came over… then again the next time she came…But there was no point putting it off any longer and I booked it. Along with my brother and his Girlfriend, we sat at the end of an empty row, in front of some lovely older ladies who happily sung along  (and who reminded me of my mum.)

It was brilliant! Definitely one I would have loved to take my mum to. Considering how small the set really was, I thought it was amazing and would gladly go to see it again.

Honorable mention:

Monday Night: Ed Sheeran

As an extra treat, the Monday night between these two shows consisted of  watching Ed Sheeran perform at the Royal Albert Hall. The venue was amazing and his voice was excellent.

If you could have a free pass to any music/ production, which one would you choose?



2 thoughts on “#22 Go to a West End Show

  1. aroundtheworldin80pairsofshoes says:

    I really want to see the stage production of Mamma Mia! My folks watched it recently in New Zealand and for some reason my dad managed to fall asleep twice! What a fantastic week Jenna x

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