Making the most of Istanbul

I know I’ve ticked this one off already, but who really wants to stop exploring new places? Not me, that’s for sure… and so with a holiday fast approaching, the decision had to be made on where to go …

And Turkey it was!

We arrived late on the first day and after finding our hotel and checking in, decided to head out and get dinner.


View from the hotel window

We headed straight into the center of old town to probably one of the most touristy places we could. Food was as expected, but the view was the main reason we went. On one side of us we had the Blue Mosque, on the other was Hagia Sophia. It was incredible. (sadly no photo tho because we didn’t drag the camera  out with us and night photos don’t often look that good).

Day 2

We decided that today was going to be the day when we tried to get most of the real touristy things done, so after a 5am wake up call that wasn’t ordered (thank you Mosque next door.) We walked the 5minutes to the Hippodrome, and on seeing the line into the Blue Mosque, decided to check out Hagia Sophia first…

Blue mosque4

The Blue Mosque


Hagia Sophia in the background


Hagia Sophia View

View from Hagia Sophia

Next we headed to Topkapi Palace, where the lines were a bit longer but still not to bad.





After a very overpriced lunch at the  Palace (great views but substandard food. Remind me to pack a lunch next time) We decided to head back into town and decided to have a quick stop off at The Basilica Cistern. 



This was probably one of the most expensive days we had while in Turkey, doing most things that required an admission fee. We did make the silly mistake of getting audio guides at the Palace, which both me and the BF decided were a waste of money. There was more information in the lonely guide book we had.  So on a budget I’d suggest either investing in a good guide book or being cheap like me and joining a library and getting one out from there.

Jenna xo


Cats, Cats everywhere!


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