#4 Visit 5 new countries- Turkey (day 3)

As a kiwi, you grow up knowing about Anzac’s and the significance of them in WW1, and considering how interested the BF is into the subject we couldn’t go to Turkey without a side trip to Gallipoli. Asking about it on twitter most people said that although you could do it yourself, it was easier to get an arranged tour which would take you from Istanbul to Gallipoli and show off all the main sites. 

The one I happened to come across was Fez Travels. Would I recommend them? Well, how about I tell you about my day then I’ll let you decide for yourself…

It was an early start but we got picked up from the hotel. Few introductions were made and we were taken to another hotel to pick up others, where we were told we were going to be waiting till they finished breakfast then would head off…

When we finally left (after 20minutes waiting, that could have been extra sleep) The other family on our tour spoke Turkish so I found the tour guide, who spoke English but still seemed to struggle at times, found it easier to talk to them, And I found it easier to let the Bf explain different facts to me.

We headed over to Gallipoli via minicoach. There was one stop on the way which seemed like it didn’t need to be as long and then a Lunch stop, where the food was good. 3 courses, and they catered to vegetarians (which is always a positive.)

First stop…




The Beach at ANZAC Cove


The Beach Cemetery


Lone Pine- The Australian Memorial


By this time the rain had turned from a drizzle to pouring and the rest of our group (including the tour guide) didn’t seem very keen to spend much time outside, so a lot of the next part seemed very rushed and we didn’t spend as much time as I hoped we would.


They really did just keep going


ANZAC trenches- I would have loved to really follow these and see how far they went but sadly the rain meant everyone else was keen to move on.



Chunuk Bair- New Zealand Memorial

This is where I’d have loved to spent more time but because of the rain, the Tour seemed to move pretty fast through here and we didn’t really get a chance to look at all the different memorials in the area which was a shame.

That was the end and after a quick 3 hour tour  of Gallipoli, we started our 5 hour drive back to Istanbul.

It was awesome seeing the different areas where they fought but it would have been better to be able to see them in more depth and maybe have a tour guide who knew more specific facts about what had happened. Thank God I had my BF who was able to explain stuff when I got confused (which is a lot easier for me then you would think)



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