Tulips, more tulips and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

By complete chance, we had just happened to visit Istanbul during the cities Tulip Festival*.. .

We discovered it on the second day after visiting Topkapi Palace. We headed off down the hill and I was draw in by all the amazing colours that I could see. After we found it that day, it was somewhere I knew we would have to visit at least once more while we were there… So on our last day we decided to get a better look.




I never know what to do with my hands in photos


We took a bit of a walk around the city, trying to see as much as we could of the city as possible  before finally deciding if we wanted to see much more we would need to find a boat. We were going to attempt to get a public one till (me being me) convinced him we’d be really confused finding our way around and made him get a tourist boat. We also decided to splurge (big mistake) and get a head set so we would know what we were looking at. turns out it only worked for half the time then started repeating itself .


Rumeli Fortress



We managed to spend the full day exploring.. and at the end of the day we had just enough Lira to buy us one last meal… but no turkish pants (that’s another story) So if anyone is headed to Turkey soon let me know so you can get me some.

As the next day dawned (and again with a very early wake up call) we had one last place we had to visit before we went to the airport… Can you guess where we hadn’t visited yet?


The Blue Mosque

I really enjoyed the trip to Istanbul. I knew what I was expected and I was rather pleasantly surprised. I’d love to go back and see more of Turkey, outside of Istanbul but maybe next time.


 *I still can’t cross it off my list because I specified that it had to be a paid festival.


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