#4 Visit 5 new countries- 3 in one day!*

*I have been to all of them before but not in the same day

4 countries, 3 days, 2 forms of transport and only 1 thing I really wanted to see…

That was how I spent my Easter weekend this year.

The idea for this trip emerged when we first decided to visit Amsterdam back in 2012. I wanted to see the tulips, and of course it being March, there were none, so I didn’t get to. Instead the idea slowly came back to the forefront when the BF and I were discussing where to go on holiday. It probably went something like this

Me: I want to go on holiday

The BF: We could go to to see the Tulip fields

ME: I love tulips

The BF: So you want to go?

Me: I LOVE tulips

So it was decided. Looking up flights, it worked out a lot cheaper to drive to Dover, take the ferry across to Calais, drive through France, Belgium and ending up in The Netherlands. It did mean a very early wake up call, but since I wasn’t driving, I didn’t mind as much, and after two hours we got to drive off the ferry on the wrong side of the road.

 We (the BF) decided to drive till Lunch time then have our first stop in Ghent, a very quaint* city in Northern Belgium.

And town squares

One of the squares in Ghent


Of course there are canals


And churches

After a few hours there, we decided to keep going till we got to Delft, where we were staying for the weekend. We ended up at a Westcord hotel (rather pricey and not really worth it. Best bit was the IKEA 100m away.) That night we decided to hire bikes, since it was still early and head into town. After one near miss (me of  course) we decided to go exploring, before grabbing a drink and burger then headed home before it was to dark to see.

Delft had Canals aswell

Delft had Canals as well

And a leaning chuch

And a leaning church

Now came the hard part. We needed to decide how we were going to travel the next day. The plan was to go Keukenhof, world famous tulip fields, that were at least a 2 and a half hour bike ride away… or we could do the lazy thing and just drive.

Guess which one won out.

So off we drove, the closer we got the more tulip fields we saw and the more colours! Oh the colours!


Even though we got there early, Keukenhof was still busy. People were everywhere and it was hard to find a spot without people to take a good photo for awhile. We didn’t even bother trying to get up the windmill, the line was to long.

We did complete the maze tho…

A wee bit lost (Not really)

A wee bit lost (Not really)

And get lots of photos of the flowers… Oh the colours!!




We spent a good few hours there, but as more people kept arriving and the sun seemed  to get hotter we decided it was a good idea to start headed home but not before a tiki tour drive round the area in hopes of finding more tulips fields, and find one we did…


I picked that tulip off the ground , I promise!

It was an early night after such a busy day, and we had a big day of driving (or the BF did) on the way back home the next day. We did have another meal in Delft, pancakes of course. The next day we begun our journey back home stopping on the way to have lunch with the BF Dutch family. We were lucky enough to get on an early ferry (which although packed with children) meant we got home earlier since I had work the next day!


*I love places that can be described as quaint


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