#10 Spend a weekend away alone

Right, so during the past year I have moved to London. I work in London, I spend my week in London. When considering the items on my list I didn’t think that the BF would be still working in Coventry 4 to 5 days a week. I didn’t expect that the only time we would really spend together would be the weekends… So with that I present my slightly altered #10

#10 Spend an amazing weekend away with the BF

I’ve done this before many times during the past year, but there is one May bank holiday weekend I’m going to use to cross this off my list.

If you hadn’t realised by now I get fixated on things/places/food… And this destination was no different. I’d seen a photo then decided I HAD to visit Whitby.

Now it’s harder getting a hotel there then you would expect so in the end we settled for one near Whitby, but closer to Pickering.

The drive up was long. Decided after an early start we would only stop for lunch and lunch ended  up taking up all the way to York (of course there was a services coffee/toilet stop on the way.) I loved York. It was so pretty (I would hate to overuse the phrase quaint)


Imagine that being the view you wake up to every morning!


York Minster



What an amazing street name

I think I could have almost spent my whole weekend there!

Instead, we hopped back into the car and headed off towards picking. Our lodging, not that I realised at the time, was smack bang in the middle of the National Park. High Dalby House was amazing accommodation.  Considering the price, we had a cottage all to ourselves, set in amazing grounds which I spent hours exploring. Please take my word when I say you have to stay here if you ever want to explore the area. I would gladly go back!




It had a lake!

Of course the reason for heading all that way was to go to Whitby, so the next day into the car we got (again) and drove into town. We were early enough that it was easy to find a park and we could wander along the waterfront  with out the rest of the tourists. Unfortunately after a substandard breakfast (terrible service, almost forgotten about after being seated at the back of the restaurant)  We exited to find the streets filling up, so much so that you could barely walk on the side walk. We decided that then would be a good time to head up the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey. It was slightly more expensive then I would have wanted to pay but since that was the reason we went, I figured we had to.



We did the normal seaside town things otherwise, ice cream, amusements, walks along the beach and  balancing small rocks on bigger rocks (don’t ask).



Looking out to sea

We managed to spend the full day there picking up a Whitby loaf on the way home (mmm ginger). We did have a stop off in Pickering on the way. I absolutely loved the castle there. Bar a bird watcher and guard we were the only two people in the entire place and got to wander around the ruins as much as we wanted. Afterwards it was off to a pub only to find dinner wasn’t being served anymore, so we went to a fish and chip shop down the road.

All in all, it ended up being the places I didn’t plan on going that I loved the most. York, Pickering, even Stamford on the way home was delightful. It was an amazing weekend and I was so glad to get to share it with the BF


This was suppose to be in my last post but didn’t fit so you get to see it now.

I love you Ad xoxo



4 thoughts on “#10 Spend a weekend away alone

  1. bluehairinbelgium says:

    I’ve been to Whitby once and it was one of my favourite places, I must go again to see it properly. I find I can’t decide something is a fav until after I have left and then I want to go again to see it in my new rose tinted it’s my fav place glasses.

    • jennafrey says:

      I think I had built it up to much in my head for it to live up to what I imagined. I do agree with you, I always need/want to see places more than once, especially I if I really like them

  2. danniellek says:

    We actually almost went to Whitby for the day today, but the rain is being a jerk and going on and off. Glad you got to see the Abbey though, the views are great from up there.

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