#11 Do a European festival.. take 2

So if any of you are Kiwis or Aussies then you’ve got to have heard of the seven… yes it’s not technically European, but it does happen in Europe and you do need to pay for it (in more ways than one!)

So one Saturday n morning, not to early compared to some others. Dressed up as a monster, smiling at this giving us of looks, me and a friend headed to Twickenham, along with thousands of others, for a day of drunken messiness. And messy it was. I’m not going to vote you with the details but it was fun.. up until the point where I lost not only my friend but my phone (so alas no photos.)

I’ve also got another event ready for this one. In June I’m headed to Holi festival in Wembley for a day of paint throwing (no running for me this time!)

I would still love to do a music festival at some point, but thinking honestly, I’m not sure how much Oktoberfest appeals to me anymore. I think of much rather head to Germany when it’s quieter and sit in a beer hall then… or go to the Warwick lions beer festival in July.

Anyone keen for a road trip?


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